Introducing . . . Pillow Parties!

Hey all! I've been receiving a lot of custom orders for different schools here in Utah. I get a orders from the same schools - but coming in at different times. If only I can get the orders in all together - then I can get a better price on all the pieces and get them done quicker.

Wait! There is a way! Introducing the Pillow Party!

Gather 6 or more of your friends in your home or at your school, and I will come to you to show you all the fun possibilities available to customize a letterman pillow! You can even order BYU, UTAH and Utah State pillows at a show discount price. Hosting a party is easy - just invite some of your friends and fellow team moms into your home, put out some cookies and I will do the rest! As a party host you will receive a free pillow (just pay for any extras you want to add) - or - I can donate a per pillow dollar amount to your school or team, ($5.00 for every 12x12, $10 for every 12x18, and $15 for every 18x18 pillow).

Our Pillow Parties are a great way to get pillows customized and ordered at great prices.

A custom letterman pillow is a classy and timeless way to end the season for seniors, coaches, boosters, or volunteers. Make a little money for your team too - with a pillow party fundraiser.

Email me to schedule a party today! For end of season gifts for fall sports we'll need at least 2 weeks to get pillows done in time - so schedule your party now!



Jordan HS Letterman Pillow - 12x18 - $65 complete with Jordan Patch. 6 or more pillows ordered with the same patch on the front the cost goes down to $55 each.

Back side of Jordan pillow - we added the letters Sarah earned and received from the school. We created the grad year patch, golf ball patch, and embroidered her name. These add ons were extra cost of course!

Another Jordan HS Letterman Pillow. We created all the patches here - added embroidery and an honor roll pin!

So many fun options for your letterman pillow!

This letter was awarded to Kelly and we simply gave it a home on a new letterman pillow - we added the letterman pins for tennis, choir, captain bar, and an honor student pin!

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