This is my family dinner table - we switch out the center decor with each season - this is our Football season fill! Those are mini marshmallows! Just my crazy way of enjoying family dinner time! Jimmi made the table especially for me!

I'm a little late with this post but today's weather has me a bit giddy!

It's here - it's finally here! College football is back and I am so excited! It has been a long hot summer. The Olympics helped a bit - but nothing takes the place of college football! I survived the BYU Utah game in week 2, and the Bama Ole Miss game in week 3, so I am heading into week 4 with happy thoughts and grand expectations!

If you didn't already know - I'm a bit of a Bama fan! I attended BYU but graduated from ASU and live here in the heart of the UofU! So I am all over the place when it comes to cheering "my" team on! What can I say - I love me some college football!

The best part of watching college football is sharing the cheers and fun with the fans. And the best fans I've ever known are the good people that introduced me to the Crimson Tide - Joe, Dian and Adam (along with their 3 Bama clad chihuahuas) and my cute boy Aaron! Joe & Dian were the best neighbors ever in Georgia. They took very good care of us while we lived down the road, and continue to spoil my son with hush puppies and LaCocina dinners whenever he visits!

I love the loyalty of college football fans! There is absolutely nothing like it! I love the traditions, the rivalry's, the stadiums, the tailgating, the speculating, the weather, the bands, the cheerleaders, and all that is on the line every week. I'll say it again - there's nothing like it!

So I am busy gearing up for game day - time to redo the display on the fireplace mantel (see photo below) and dining room table (see photo above). Time to break out my "Roll Tide" flag and hang it proudly out front. Time to get all my football serving dishes down from their lonely shelf and fill them with tasty tailgating goodies! Time to rise early enough to get all my chores done each Saturday so I can spend my afternoon and evening watching one game after another! My poor family!

How about you? What do you do to get ready for the game? Are you a tailgater, or "homegater"? Let me know what you do to celebrate your fandom and what you enjoy most about this time of year! If you need a pillow to help y'all get your house ready for the season let me know - I can hook you up! Alabama pillows are coming online in a couple of weeks. I'm also in talks with USC - we're branching out a bit! For Utah fans - you can get your pillows at the University Pharmacy as well as online. Gear up ladies and gentlemen - It's game day!

Oh happy day!

This is my very outdated mantel - but we cover it up with some fun things from time to time - The chalkboard lists the AP Top 10 each week! Looks like I need to get a Collegiate football to replace the NFL one!

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