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We are a small home based business that is dedicated to the preservation of the classic Letterman honor and traditions. In an era of not keeping score and everyone gets a trophy, we believe in personal achievement and we believe in celebrating those achievements.


We admire hard work, we support trying and failing and trying again. We honor those who do whatever they do, to the best of their abilities and we celebrate them for doing it.


We also believe in showing off - by displaying our school pride in our homes, offices and dorm rooms, letting everyone know who we cheer for, what we've achieved and where our loyalties lie. 

University of Utah, Utah Utes, Letterman


We love all things letterman - the classic style, timeless materials, and traditions associated with the earning, awarding and wearing of the Letterman Jacket. We love chenille letters, Melton wool, leather sleeves, knit sweaters, chain stitch embroidery, snaps and piping. We love filling our family spaces with the things we love that bring back memories, reminding us of times gone by and that celebrate all we have done and seen and achieved.


We love taking vintage letters and bringing them out of their old dusty boxes and placing them proudly where everyone can see. We love the stories they tell in their frayed edges and curled corners. We love the bright new letters and patches that represent the continuation of family traditions or the beginning of new ones. We love participating in parent's pride when they order from us and we celebrate with them the efforts and achievements that shape young lives. 

Original Letterman Pillow, Milwaukie HS,
Custom Letterman Pillow Letterman Sweate

Grandpa's Class of '58 Letterman Sweater

Granddaughter's Class of '17 Letterman Sweater & Pillow


The letterman tradition started right here in the USA and that's where we proudly stitch up these classic gifts. All the pieces and parts are gathered from US manufacturers, some as small a business as our own. We love our vendors and support their efforts and honor their skills in making some of the coolest stuff we get to order! We work out of our home in Riverton, Utah a suburb of the great Salt Lake City, overlooking the beautiful Wasatch mountains. We love our college football and professional basketball here and we love cheering our kids and supporting and encouraging them to keep up the good fight. We love this country and love that we get to make a life here and share it with all of you.

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