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This month's box is inspired by those tasty little conversation hearts. I love the colors and the sweetness they add to Valentine's day - I have a couple bowls full here and  there in my house already!


This month's box features a multi-colored banner in the sweet colors of those candy hearts. The banner is complimented with a felt ball garland highlighted with felt hearts in matching colors. Your ribbon is my favorite ribbon - wool felt ribbon! Yum! I love this ribbon so much - I always welcome an opportunity to include it in the box. I added a little happy heart ribbon as well to keep with the heart theme. The rosette this month - a felt candy heart - complete with a "sweet nothing" printed on it! 

I know Valentine's Day is all about the red and pink - but I think this sweet color combo adds a little surprise to your Valentines celebration! 


I displayed my banner this month on the kitchen counter so every time we come into the kitchen we are reminded we chose each other - and that Valentine's Day is coming - like it does every year! 

I love a little display on my big open island - it adds color and interest and distracts from all the mess! I did a traditional display - the banner with the garland and the rosette to one side. I did a little twist with the ribbon - I cut my ribbon in half and hung half on the right side and just draped the other half on the lazy susan by the candy dish. I liked the idea of bringing that color down by the candy. And it gives the display a little ease and casualness I like.

I added a my pink candy dish - I have one in lavendar as well and that would have been just as cute. I included a picture of me and Jimmi on our first anniversary - yes - I permed by hair back in the 80's (Yikes!)

I received the little angel from a dear friend - she started my collection and I love displaying them as they remind me of her and how much I love her! 

That's what I did this month with my RED LETTER DAY BOX - I'd love to see how you display yours! 



If you have noticed - the garland string is much thinner than the banner string. I have to mix that up so I can thread the felt balls - but I know that this makes tying that string on your display is a little tough. So, I thought I'd share a little tip on how I avoid those tiny bows that somehow end up in knots! 

I like to first layout my banner flat and move the letters to the spacing I want - with two words this month - I moved all the letters close together and left some space between the two words. Once I have it the way I like I lay the garland across the top of the letters - either on the  letters or just above. Once I have it where I like - I take the end of the garland string on the left and wrap that string around the banner string. This way the balls are where I want them to hang and the strings become just one knot to tie! Then I go to the other side and do the same. You can lift both the banner and garland to see if it's draping the way you like - then twist the end to keep it in place. No more tying and retying - it hangs just the way you like! I always use a slip knot to hang on hooks and a bow for hanging on the party posts. etc.

Have fun with this one! Hope this helps a bit. 

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