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Celebrate in classic letterman style with our new monthly subscription box. Each box comes filled with everything you need to celebrate the RED LETTER DAYS on your calendar.



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Subscribe by November 15th to receive our December box 


Add a touch of Letterman style to your next celebration with our 
Red Letter Day
Subscription Box





Every Month

Receive a monthly holiday bunting - just the bunting - no ribbons or felt balls, 

ready for display!

Valid for 12 months

A monthly Bunting celebrating

the RED LETTER DAY of the month

A Look Book with ideas and tips for

displaying your bunting

10% discount on purchases

at lettermansupplyco.com

Upgrade to our RED LETTER DAY BOX

or cancel at any time



One Time Payment

A monthly celebration in a box!

Valid for 1 year

A monthly Bunting celebrating

the RED LETTER DAY of the month

Coordinating Ribbon Bundle

Coordinating Felt Ball Garland

Coordinating Ribbon Rosette or other bauble that compliments the month's theme

A Look Book with ideas and tips for

displaying your bunting

15% discount on purchases

at lettermansupplyco.com for you 

and your recipient!



Every Month

A monthly celebration in a box!

Valid for 12 months

A monthly Bunting celebrating

the RED LETTER DAY of the month

Coordinating Ribbon Bundle

Coordinating Felt Ball Garland

Coordinating Ribbon Rosette or other bauble that compliments the month's theme

A Look Book with ideas and tips for

displaying your bunting

20% discount on purchases

at lettermansupplyco.com

Cancel at any time



It's the most wonderful time of the year - and one of the reasons it's so wonderful is because Santa is coming to town! If you love Santa, his red suit and black boots, his full belly and happy HO HO HO! then you'll love our December RED LETTER DAY BOX - featuring everything Santa - including jinglel bells galore! Everything you need to add traditional Christmas cheer to your home this holiday season!



November we celebrated the Gatherers - those who love to have family and friends in their home to share and connect. We gather this time of year to give thanks and to celebrate a year of growth and change. Our bunting is rich in fall colors as different as the people we call family. The ribbon this month is warm wool felt ribbon and the rosette is again handmade and represents our circles of family and friends that are forever expanding and growing. 



This month our subscribers got to choose which bunting they wanted to receive in their box! What we had choosing which of the 5 fun Halloween themes to choose from. BOO is still the most popular with SPOOKY close behind. However you say it - we hope our October RED LETTER DAY BOX gets you in the mood for some fall fun - HAPPY HAUNTING!

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To celebrate and hopefully inspire you – your September RED LETTER DAY BOX says LET’S ROLL -  loud and proud in super hero colors - encouraging you to take time this month to celebrate the heroes in your life. Celebrate the opportunities that await you to be a hero to someone else. 

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August was our very first box so we celebrated with a shout of HOORAY! This box brought summer to an end and got us in the spirit of getting back to school, routines and life as we know it! It was filled with the colors of the summer sky and green grass and featured a grey bunting that can be used over and over again for any celebration - just swap out the ribbons and get the party started! 



Our RED LETTER DAY BOX is a monthly subscription box that delivers all you need to celebrate the Red Letter Days on your calendar. Each Red Letter Day Box provides you with a holiday themed bunting, ribbon bundle, felt ball garland and a ribbon rosette. Each box is delivered at the end of the month so you will have all the goodies you need to create a fun and festive display for the upcoming month.

How does the RED LETTER DAY BOX work?

Once you subscribe, you will receive the RED LETTER DAY BOX for the next month. It will arrive before the end of the month you subscribe in and will be in hand in time to decorate for the RED LETTER DAY in the next month. Your box will arrive in a white shipping box which can be recyled. The clear box that contains your RED LETTER DAY goodies is labeled with the month and year and can be used for storage, as our butings are sustainable and reusable. Once you receive your box, you can display your bunting, ribbon bundle and garland anyway you like in your home. Each box includes a Look Book that demonstrates various ways to hang your bunting, ribbons and garland, and we always encourage the sharing of your ideas by posting to our Instagram and Facebook pages. Then, your card of choice will be billed for the following month and you will receive another RED LETTER DAY BOX to celebrate the next month. No more missing out on the next design from us - it is delivered to you before anyone else gets to purchase!

What's inside each RED LETTER DAY BOX?

Each RED LETTER DAY BOX contains: Varsity Wool bunting. Each mini banner that makes up the bunting features a wool felt letter. Mini banners are strung together on a contrasting 1.5 yard string of baker's twine. Ribbon Bundle. 3 yards each of multiple ribbons bundled together to compliment the theme of the month. Felt Ball Garland. 24+ wool felt balls and other fun shapes strung together on baker's twine in a complimentary length and coordinating colors! Ribbon rosette (or another fun bauble that goes with the theme). We love a rosette! Our hand made rosettes come with a pin on the back side to attach to your ribbons or wear on your lapel! A fun little touch to add to the celebration! Look Book. A full color mini booklette that shows you the many different ways to display your bunting and goodies. Included are tips on how best to tie and drape, as well as care instructions.

How much does the RED LETTER DAY BOX cost? Are there any hidden fees?

Subscriptions for the RED LETTER DAY BOX are $55 each month. Billing is done monthly with recurring payments from the credit card you provide. You will be billed the first of the month for the following month. The $55 fee includes the Bunting (sometimes 9 letters long, sometimes 3 letters long, sometimes 6" tall, sometimes 4.5" tall! It varies each month and the $55 covers the cost of these variations), 3 yards of multiple ribbon strips (again - sometimes 3 strips, sometimes 5 etc.) 24 + wool felt balls or other fun shapes and a special bauble! The $55 fee also includes the labeled storage box, look book as well as all shipping fees for domestic shipping.

How does billing work?

When you subscribe your credit card will be processed each month on the same day for the $55. We run all credit cards through our secure service and send an invoice and email with each processing. You are paying each month for the following month.

When will I receive my first RED LETTER DAY BOX?

When you subscribe before the 15th of the month - you will receive your first box by the end of that month for the following month.
For example: When you subscribe by the 15th of July, you will receive the August box by the end of July. We ship out between the 20th and 25th of each month. If you subscribe after the 15th of the month - your first box will be the September box. For example: When you subscribe on the 16th of July, you will not receive the August box, you will recieve the September box by the end of August, with your recurring payments begining in September.
You may purchase any extra August boxes separately under the SHOP tab on our website.

Where and how do you ship?

We ship all boxes through the US Postal Service, First Class Mail, from Riverton, Utah. If, for any reason, this changes you will be notified. You will receive a tracking number each month with information on timing of your package.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time through your account portal. Though this would make us very sad, we do understand and hate to see you go - but it's easy to do - just log into your account and follow the prompts to unsubscribe.

How do I receive a refund?

If you paid for a month and canceled before the ship date, we will automatically refund your fee for that month. If you cancel after the ship date, please contact us at teri@lettermansupplyco.com so we can process a full refund for the next month.

Can I purchase just one RED LETTER DAY BOX?

Yes. You can always purchase the month's box separately on our website. We will post any extras of the month's offering after the 15th under the SHOP tab on the website.

How does the gift subscription work?

Our gift subscription works the same as our regular subscription, the main difference is that you pay for the subscription for the year - upfront. This way you do not have to worry about paying each month, and the recipient's gift is not interrupted. Also - both you and the recipient of your gift enjoy the 15% off on our website! A discount code will be sent to you once your subscription is started. You can cancel and receive a refund if for any reason your recipient is unhappy with your gift. Contact us at teri@lettermansupplyco.com for help with this.