BYU Oval Y Small Letterman Pillow

BYU Oval Y Small Letterman Pillow


BYU fans will love this beautiful 12x12 Brigham Young University letterman pillow in rich navy wool proudly featuring the BYU Oval Y logo chenille patch.

  • Product Description

    Our small pillow measures 12x12 and features the Oval Y logo chenille patch. This pillow also features all the authentic letterman touches our pillows are known for - melton wool, marine grade vinyl, contrasting snap back closure, and a synthetic down pillow fill.

  • Product Details

    Officially licensed product of Brigham Young University.

    Pillow Design US Patent #D773,210 S

    Dry Clean Only.

    Synthetic Down fill is non-allergen.


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PATENT #  US D773,210S

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