The cute guy to the left above is my dad! He inspired these beautiful letterman pillows. I grew up hearing his tales of letterman success - He lettered in 3 sports, football, wrestling (State Champion!) and baseball, back in the day when this was a big deal. He was quite the guy. He recently gifted me his beautiful 1958 letterman sweater - complete with four stripes on the sleeves (4 year letterman), a team captain star and of course a beautiful chenille "M". It even has his name embroidered in the old traditional chain stitch. I was so thrilled to be the one out of seven siblings to receive this beautiful keepsake. I guess I got it because I tried the most to be just like him - only I wasn't very athletic - I was a cheerleader for years and never got a letter (cheerleading was not considered a sport - sad but true!). I did serve as Student Body President my senior year - just like dad. The photo above is of the Milwaukie HS student body officers for 1957-58.


When I received his letterman sweater I also got a box full of his letters that never made it onto the sweater - he got a letter each year he lettered, so I have 4 M's as well as his JH patches, Shiners All Star patches, and even his Lewis & Clark College Letter. I wondered what would I do with all these wonderful memories. So I came up with the idea of a letterman pillow.  I took one of his letters and sewed it onto a wool pillow and viola! Letterman Supply Co. was born!

Our letterman pillows are handmade here in Salt Lake City, Utah in what used to be the dining room of my house. My work shop consists of a wonderfully hardworking Brother sewing machine and a snap press - the best piece of equipment I have ever bought! I make all these pillows myself - with help from a dear sister-in-law from time to time. Each pillow is made of the same wool they use to make letterman jackets. I use marine grade vinyl piping to replicate the leather sleeves of a letterman jacket. Then I add that beautiful chenille patch! That's what makes them so special. The snaps down the back of the pillow complete the letterman jacket look. I love every pillow I make and have bored my family to tears with the "look how beautiful this one turned out" pleas.

In 2014 I approached the universities here in Utah and received a license to use their logos on my pillows. It has been so much fun selling my pillows to Utah and BYU fans! Some fans do struggle with Utah and BYU pillows sitting on the same shelf in such close proximity, but what can you do. Fans of my pillows are fans of their schools and love to show off their loyalty in a classy way. We've recently added Alabama (ROLL TIDE!) pillows to our collection - my son is a big Bama fan - some of the best people I know showed him the light and he did convert!


Custom pillows have been the most rewarding side of my business. Taking old letters and making a new pillow for them to rest on has been a very special experience. We have made pillows for local high schools - they make the perfect coaches and seniors gift. Creating a classy keepsake is what this little business is all about!


I hope you enjoy our pillows - they are made with pride and tradition in an effort to honor those that have lettered in sports, in academics, in fandom, and in life!


*Our letterman pillow design is patented with US Design Patent #US D773,210 S!


Our products are officially Licensed Product with the following schools: The University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT and the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 


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PATENT #  US D773,210S

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