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9/11/2021 - Celebrating Heroes!


Unlike August – I have so many RED LETTER DAYS in September! Every Saturday in September is a RED LETTER DAY because it’s game day! Just gets me all goose bumpy thinking about it!

Also this month on my calendar, is SWISS DAYS a huge event here in Midway, Utah – a craft show and celebration of the Swiss roots of this beautiful little town. I have been cutting and stitching in preparation for over a month now – so that’s a big RED LETTER DAY! Come see me September 3 - 4 for those of you that live in the area.

So what is coming your way?

I wish I could send you your team’s colors or invite you all to come to Swiss Days – but those ideas aren’t feasible - so I return to the calendar and see that this year we are remembering the 20th Anniversary of September 11, 2001 - an event that changed our country – for the better, despite the goals of the terrorists.

Though 9/11 is a day of mourning – it’s also a day of Celebration. On this day 20 years ago we witnessed the depravity of human hate and simultaneously the absolute beauty of human love and goodness. 9/11, or Patriots Day, will always be remembered as a day of Heroes – and we’re excited celebrate those heroes!

How do you celebrate heroes with a bunting? How about “LET’S ROLL!

As I thought about this, the story that kept coming to mind was the Todd Beamer story. If you don’t remember, or know of it – learn about it – I will include links below.

Todd Beamer was on the fateful Flight 93 that was hijacked and headed, they believe, to Washington DC. They didn’t make it to their target because of heroes like Todd Beamer.

Todd and his wife and young children had a rallying cry, or family motto if you will, LET’S ROLL! They said it on the way out the door, they said it in the face of challenges, and when they just needed to get going.

It was also the last thing Todd Beamer said before rallying the passengers on Flight 93 to storm the cockpit and sacrifice their lives. It was the last thing the operator on the phone with Todd heard him say before learning of the plane crashing into a field near Shanksville, PA – it was the rallying cry of a true Hero.

So to celebrate and hopefully inspire you – your September RED LETTER DAY BOX says LET’S ROLL - loud and proud in super hero colors - encouraging you to take time this month to celebrate the heroes in your life. Celebrate the opportunities that await you to be a hero to someone else.

This September, as we remember the lives lost - the heroes who went into the burning buildings, the heroes who stormed the cockpit, the heroes who took care of co-workers and strangers alike before losing their own lives, the heroes who dug through the rubble for weeks – remember them and let them inspire you to do the same. Be a hero this month – love and serve and share your goodness. This crazy world sure needs it. LET’S ROLL!

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