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How to Hang your Fabric Buntings with a Scrap Garland

Our APRIL RED LETTER DAY BOX features a Scrap Garland in place of the wool felt ball garland. The scraps are sewn together on double strands of thread and though they do create a light and whimsical look, they can be tricky to work with.

I thought I'd share how I hang these types of garlands with my fabric buntings -

Step 1:

Lay your fabric bunting out on a flat surface the way you want it to hang ie: space between the letters or no space between. Be sure the ends of the strings are the same or similar lengths for ease of hanging.

Step 2:

Now lay your scrap garland on top of the bunting the way you want it to hang - I like the scraps to hang over the bunting a bit. There may be a few of the scraps going past the bunting depending on the space between your letters - but that's ok as they look cute going up the string a bit as well.

Step 3:

Take the douple thread of the garland and the bakers twine of the fabric bunitng on either end of the display and begin twisting the thread around and down the length of the twine. You're creating one string to tie instead of two separate strings.

Now you have one string ready to tie or knot for hanging -

Step 5:

Now you can tie it to your Party Posts or knot it for your 3m hooks etc. When the two become one piece it's so much easier to work with! I like using the drape hooks shown here to hang my bunting on a wreath or basket etc. The hooks allow you to tie a slip knot and hook it on, then the clamp can pinch onto your ribbon or wreath or whatever!

Hope that helps!

Email me if you're stuck or think of an even better way to do this!

Thanks bunches! Teri!


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