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Is it a Bunting or a Banner? Let's just call it a Bunting Banner!

I always refer to my products as Buntings - but others refer to them as Banners.

So which is it?

Let's just call it both - It's a bunting and a banner - it's a Bunting Banner!

For our purposes here, a Bunting is defined as rows of brightly colored small flags or long pieces of cloth, often in the colors of a country's flag, that are hung across roads or rooms, or above a stage, as a decoration for special occasions or political events.

In my product descriptions I define my Buntings as mini banners strung together on string - creating a bunting.

All of my Bunting Banners start with the cutting and stitching of each individual mini banner - I call them mini banners as each one can stand on it's own as a miniature version of a typical banner.

I use beautiful wool felt manufactured in Europe, as well as Varsity wool, to create my Bunting Banners.

The wool felt and the Varsity wool are fabrics that are a dream to work with. They cut beautfully, hold their shape and will last forever - I call it heirloom quality.

The Varsity wool is used in my collegiate products as it is the traditional fabric used for such projects. The colors are very limited - think college team colors (excpet for teh University of Oregon - their colros are not necessarily traditional!) - but very rich and just dreamy to touch.

The wool felt I use comes in an array of colors that I love mixing and matching and playing with. It is lighter in weight than the wool - but just as easy to work with, resulting in a perfect mini banner.

I like to cut my mini banners in different, yet traditional banner shapes. I sometimes do the pointed banner, or notched banner - and I'm even toying with the traditional bunting shape - the triangle banner.

Whatever shape I decide, once they are cut and stitched, I add the wool felt letter and string them all together creating what you may call a banner, but I call a bunting - which now we can all call a Bunting Banner!


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