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Back to Business!

Hello Ladies!

I wanted to take a quick time out from all the busy show prep I'm engaged in to touch base with you all from a business stand point! I have had so much fun creating these boxes for you each month - and I am so thrilled that many of you who were first to sign up - renewed for another year!

When I first started this adventure I really had no idea what to do - and every piece of advice told me - just start and you'll figure it out! And I have - still working on some technical glitches, but overall I can create the box in my head, order supplies, cut, stitch and string everything together, package and ship my boxes out. I've learned I can control what I can control and to let go of what I can't control.

Which brings me to our first item of business . . . your AUTUMN box!

Your September RED LETTER DAY BOX celebrating the first day of AUTUMN is arriving this week and you will probably notice something is missing. I mentioned it in the LOOK BOOK at the bottom of your box - but in case you didn't see it - I wanted to explain the acorn cap issue!

I photograph the boxes as I create them - often months before I start putting them together. At the time, I found these acorn caps and thought they were so cute so I featured them in all the photos! Well when it came time to put things together for you - these particular caps were sold out! I searched for more and found some but they didn't arrive in time for packaging.

I had enough from my original purchase to create the acorn in your rosette - but your garland does not include any acorns. So I apologize for any disappointment.

Another item of business is the subject of pricing. I have had to raise my prices for the subscription this year. I think I knew it was inevitable - but I tried putting it off for as long as I could. We are all feeling the increases everywhere. Postage has shot up, packaging and felt, everything has changed and so I've had to make some adjustments.

Most of you will stay at the price you signed up at. For our new subscribers in August 2022, you are in the new price category. Moving forward, when you renew - you will be at the new price point. In situations where your subscription is cancelled due to card failure etc. I will contact you to see if you want to continue, and if you are an originally subscriber (at the original price point) I will walk you through the renewal process to get you back to the original price. Still trying to get my system to do what I need it to do - but until then we will have to work togher to get where we want to go!

Lastly - I just want to thank you again for coming along on this journey with me. I am learning so much and enjoying getting to know each of you. Your comments and engouragement keep me going and I hope you will always feel welcome to reach out to me with any concern or complaint. I love creating these boxes for you - I hand make everything and really try to make everything perfect for you!

Enjoy your transition to Fall - I know I will (kick off is less than 2 weeks away!) I'll be in touch - until then Happy Autumn!


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