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Our JUNE RED LETTER DAY BOX has shipped and we are so in love with this one! So many things inspired this box - my dad, the ribbon I found, and just the fun of the approaching summer season. It's all about picnics and presents and dad and fun! What I love most about this one is that you can use it for more than just Father's Day! How about a graduation party, or a family reunion game night, even a birthday party for a friend! So many reasons to celebrate with your JUNE RED LETTER DAY BOX!

The ribbon sets the tone for this box - and I was able to get it in two sizes! So I tied a bunch of ties this time instead of a rosette - cuz' it's just not Father's Day without a new tie!

I hope you love each piece in this box - I will have all these pieces available on our website by the middle of this week! I want to be sure our subscribers get theirs in hand before we let just anyone buy them!

I may even have a few extra complete boxes available next week! You can email me at if you'd like me to hold one for you!

Each box comes complete with all you see here plus a little look book with ideas for hanging your bunting and ribbons in your home! This month we featured a backyard barbeque, a wood bead wreath by the TV, and some fun ways to use your ribbons in your gift wrapping!

Well, enough celebrating the shipping of our 11th BOX! Yikes! Can you believe we are almost a full year of RED LETTER DAYS done! I am busy with the making of the JULY BOX - can you say USA!, and getting so many custom letterman pillows stitched, stuffed and shipped. Love the work I get to do - ENJOY!


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